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Chris Were


Founder and owner of Adelaide based software company Mozzler, specialising in the development of high quality, scalable business software for the web.

I have been developing software solutions for almost 20 years for a variety of Australian clients whilst starting multiple successful startup technology companies along the way. This includes the co-founding and later exiting of Community Data Solutions, a leading SaaS provider to Australian Not-For-Profits.

I believe in old fashioned customer service and a constant focus on finding the best solution for the task at hand.


Any technology solution needs to consider a business’s short, medium and long term objectives — while taking into consideration resourcing constraints.

I work with a small team of developers and domain experts, tailored for each project, to ensure the best possible solution for the task at hand.

I thrive on new challenges, particularly technology projects with unique requirements or projects attempting to tackle an old problem in a new way.


Workforce Wizard

We started working with National Disability Services when they had an idea for a unique online platform to help collect meaningful data from their members. Working closely with their team, we designed wireframes for an initial concept and mapped out algorithms for generating meaningful reports.

After 6 months of development, the first version of Workforce Wizard was launched and has continued to expand with user feedback and additional requirements to collect meaningful data from members.

  • Requirements
  • Rapid prototype
  • Business solutions

House and Land

A rapidly growing Australian real estate startup were hitting some growing pains. We provided some initial consulting and architecture support to resolve some critical bottlenecks with the increasingly large data volumes being processed.

In line with the company’s continued growth, we have provided on demand development services helping the team respond to immediate software needs.

  • Requirements
  • Infrastructure design
  • Integrations

Eckermann Group

We have been excited to work closely with the Eckermann Group as they strive to leverage technology to continually improve operations and open new opportunities.

Our services have included the implementation of bespoke integrations and providing advice and research to support the company’s future technology direction.

  • Requirements
  • Integrations
  • Business solutions



Requirements Gathering: We can assist scoping the requirements for new software projects. Taking a holistic approach to the business and its objectives, we work closely with your team to prepare solution design, requirements, database schema and technical scoping of any integrations.

Infrastructure Design: We architect the correct infrastructure to suit your businesses redundancy and scalability needs. It’s critical to consider the numerous security considerations, the needs of third party integrations and evaluate the different cloud or on-premise options.



Business Solutions – With experience across the financial sector, search industry, media and not-for-profits, chances our we have seen the problem before and can help you business find the appropriate solution

Rapid Prototypes – We use many existing tools, supplemented by our own, allowing us to rapidly prototype new concepts to validate your idea

API Development – Designing and developing API’s that meet the immediate project requirements, but looking at the long term objectives to establish a solid foundation today

Integrations: Building custom integration software between systems, leveraging API’s where available or unlocking existing databases as required


API first: Your data is your business. Building software with an API first approach ensures you maximise flexibility on how to consume and share your data, future proofing your business and helping you innovate quickly.

Documentation: Often an afterthought, we ensure documentation is a key deliverable that covers your API, infrastructure and the code itself

Testing: Again, often missed in software development projects, we work within the available resources and project objectives to develop the appropriate amount of unit and acceptance tests.

Code Quality: We use open source code to avoid reinventing the wheel, ensure DRY principles, develop to OWASP recommendations and conduct internal code reviews.

Tools: We always strive to use the best tools for the job, or build our own. These tools include git version control, Postman for API documentation and rapid development, Codeception for unit and acceptance tests.

Refactoring: Technical debt can quickly weigh down the growth of your company. We continually refactor the code as it grows and use our experience to avoid common pitfalls designing complex business software.



Scalability – Every application we build is designed for scale. Adding more application servers or database servers can be done at the push of a button or configured to happen automatically.

Availability – We ensure applications are hosted across multiple data centres for high availability and configured with health checks and automatic failover.

Regions – Applications can be deployed in a specific geographical region to meet compliance needs such as the Australian Privacy Principles, or they can be deployed across multiple regions for increased performance across the globe

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